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Thank a Warrior

Honor and Thank a Health Care Worker today!

We're shipping out bracelets, key chains and necklaces to local hospitals and nursing facilities.  This $10 bracelet sponsorship is for our inventory, labor and shipping.  You will receive an email with the name of the healthcare facility your gift was sent to - upon shipping date. 

Or, if you'd rather us send one to someone you know, click on the $2.50 box (for shipping and postage) and a mailing address box will automatically pop up.  YOUR NAME will be typeset on the package as the loving sponsor of this product.

Bracelets are expandable and are stainless steel non tarnishing.  Charms are a zinc-based alloy.  Lead free.  Nickel free.  

Please help us to thank the healthcare industry for helping all of us.


Colleen MacIntosh