About Us

We are a family business and we love to swing hammers!

Great care and time is taken to create your unique, one-of-a-kind pendant and charm.  Our artists start with a blank disc and hammer each letter or number – one precious character at a time onto the disc before punching a hole in the top.  Since the stamping is created by a real person, you’ll sometimes see slight spacing variations which adds to the character of this gift.

We then ink the entire disc by hand and then remove the ink except in the grooves of the letters.  This process is where the magic happens and the letters and numbers appear!  Then, a lengthy hand-sanding process removes minor surface scratches, though the sterling silver disc is made of a very soft metal and will always maintain many of its organic imperfections – which we love!

Then it's off to tumbling and shining before we assemble the entire product.  Now you know just how special you are!



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