The Sassy Apple Blog

  • Life is a Journey

    Life is journey.  Where is yours taking you?
  • "She Believed"

    We all face challenges.  Some seem almost too difficult to meet and overcome.  Some are handed to us unexpectedly.  Some are part of our predetermined journey that suddenly has shown us a rockier path than we thought we could manage.
  • About Us

    We are a family business and we love to swing hammers! Great care and time is taken to create your unique, one-of-a-kind pendant and charm.  Our a...
  • Nana at the Festival

    It felt like 100 degrees a few weeks ago at a local festival where we brought our mobile stamping station and hammered on the spot. We met the most...
  • Sit Back and Relax and Enjoy Your One Minute Stress Fabulous Stress Retreat

    Sometimes you just need a moment to be reminded of who you are.
  • And So the Adventure Begins

    When we heard that our local vet was retiring after thirty years, and they contacted us about doing a special gift, we couldn’t wait to get our paw...