Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey NecklaceLife is a journey.

Sometimes the journey is joyful.  And sometimes it is painful.  It's all about your perspective.  When we focus on the future - on where we think we want to be or the place we want to "get to", we can lose sight of the journey itself.  When we focus on the present moment, that very present moment we are living in, we can simply try and surrender to it and trust in it.  Trust that this moment is where you are supposed to be.  

Whether your journey destination is finding a new job or starting a new life, or simply getting to the store and bringing home your groceries, try to enjoy each step.  Each person you come into contact with.  Every bird that flies overhead.  And be grateful for all of it.  The good and the not so good. 

You just might find that your journey isn't about where you are going at all.  It just might be about finding peace in the actual journey itself.  That is my wish for you.

Peace and blessings,


Click on the photo if you'd like to bring home this stunning necklace!  I hammer each letter one at a time with love and care.

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