"She Believed"

She Believed

We all face challenges.  Some seem almost too difficult to meet and overcome.  Some are handed to us unexpectedly.  Some are part of our predetermined journey that suddenly has shown us a rockier path than we thought we could manage.

Our amazing quote of the week shows you that no matter how hard the challenge, you can achieve anything.

You are always, always stronger than you think.

"She believed she could so she did".  This famous quote tells women everywhere to believe in themselves. And that includes me!  I hand stamp this beautiful sterling silver pendant with a hammer.  And with every hammer strike, with every tap, every inking session, every punch of the hole, every hand sanding moment, every hand beading moment, I remember to think to myself, "I can." I can. I am just like you. Living a journey filled with ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns and challenges.  And still, I believe that "I can." 

We've created this brand new "Quote of the Week" jewelry section and will be so excited to share it with you each week - filled with different quotes, verses and sayings that will uplift and inspire - with matching jewelry that you can buy and wear to remind you of the inspiration.

And so this week, remember that:

No matter what you've been through, you can. 

No matter who told you that you couldn't, you can.

No matter how hard the challenge, you can.

Believe that you can.  And you will.




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