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What's In Each Kit?

We're glad you asked! We made sure each kit is jam-packed with everything you'll need to create the coolest, most unique bracelet or set of rings that represents you!

What Makes Our Boxes Special

Everything is customized by you! Your kit includes a super special hand-stamped disc. You decide what's on it and we handstamp it! Watch the video to see how!


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The Cloud Box

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The Lizard Box

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The Sun Box

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The Coral Reef Box

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The Unicorn Box

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The Mermaid Box

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The Classic Rainbow Box

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The Rainbow Shimmer Box

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Meet the Kits

All Kits Include:

★ 170+ Mixed Color Beads   ★ 3 pcs 12" Stretch Cord  ★ Handstamped Disc - You choose the word or phrase!  
★ 1 Charm Corresponding to Kit (add-on 3 charms for free)  ★ Mini Sharpie  ★ Clothespin  ★ Knot Hider  ★ Spacers
★ Idea Booklet  ★ Egg Carton Kit Organizer  ★ Felt Bead Organizer

The Cloud Kit

Special Cloud Box Contents:
- Cloud Charm
- Beads: Cloud White, Raindrop Blue, Sky Blue, Stormy Silver Blue, Tropical Blue

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The Lizard Kit

Special Lizard Box Contents:
- Lizard Charm
- Beads: Spider Black, Outrageous Orange, Chameleon Green, Lizard Green, Marine Teal

The Sun Kit

Special Sun Box Contents:
- Sun Charm
- Beads: Outrageous Orange, Classic Orange, Sun Ray  Orange, Sun Ray Yellow, Sunset Pink, Classic Yellow

The Classic Rainbow Kit

Special Classic Rainbow Box Contents:
- Rainbow Charm
- Beads: Classic Red, Classic Orange, Classic Yellow, Classic Green, Boat Blue, Classic Indigo, Very Violet

The Rainbow Shimmer Kit

Special Rainbow Shimmer Box Contents:
- Rainbow Charm
- Beads: Shimmer Red, Shimmer Orange, Shimmer Yellow, Chameleon Green, Shimmer Sky Blue, Shimmer Indigo, Shimmer Violet

The Coral Reef Kit

Special Coral Reef Box Contents:
- Stingray Charm
- Beads: Shimmer Orange, Shimmer Yellow, Tropical Blue, Chameleon Green, Cotton Candy Pink, Sherbet Orange, Coral Pink

The Unicorn Kit

Special Unicorn Box Contents:
- Unicorn Charm
- Beads: Coral Pink, Shimmer Blue, Unicorn Purple, Shimmer Lilac, Shimmer Ice Blue

The Mermaid Kit

Special Mermaid Box Contents:
- Mermaid Charm
- Beads: Shimmer Purple, Shimmer Silver, Shimmer Sky Blue, Shimmer Green, Classic Indigo

PS! Want to throw a virtual party? Our kits are perfect for an online event! Simply send this website URL to each party goer and let them buy their kit. Once everyone's received their kits in the mail, pick a date to host a Zoom event. Share your screen with our instructional video. Everyone can make a bracelet from home, together!